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    Start cooking better, faster and more efficiently. Let award winning chefs plan your dinners. We’ve got you covered from your shopping list to the cutting board.

  • Meal Plan of the Week

    As we celebrate Independence Day and the 238th birthday of the USA, we are reminded that some things never change. Such as how awesome food from a half century ago can be! This week our own Adam Byrd presents memorable recipes from the 1960′s!

  • The Man’s Cookbook

    Men from Atlanta to Australia have been using The WiseJack Man’s Cookbook for recipes that are fast and man-approved.

  • Win the Cooking Game!

    We’re all on the same team. We’ve got the plays and the coaches, and you get to score with a revolutionary game plan for great meals!

  • Reclaim the kitchen!

    With Wisejack Cooking you’ve got resources, expertise , support and a whole lot more!

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    Membership has perks! Check out all the bonus material Wisejack’s got for you. A great play — no extra charge! Tips, how-to, entertainment, movie ideas, restaurant intel, inside scoops and stuff made just for dudes!

  • Featured Chef

    Adam ran a cooking website for men called Men in Aprons. It blossomed into a full blown recipe and cooking technique site.

Weekly meal plans are curated by a team of highly accomplished executive chefs. Meet all the Wisejack Cooking Executive Chefs.

Eat Better

It's tough to cook great food when you don't have much time or cooking know-how. Now, no more compromises. The Wisejack exclusive team of executive chefs plan awesome, efficient, doable meals. We test them so we know you can make them!

Plus, we’ve got experts standing by when you need extra help. Eat better, healthier, and easier meals. No more apologizing for bland or boring dinners!

Save Time & Money

We plan everything so you don't have to. From your shopping list to side dishes, it's all here and accessible to the average Jack. Instead of worrying about what you're going to make tonight or scouring the Internet for easy to cook recipes, just follow our weekly “wisemenus” and you're good to go!

Wisejack’s weekly “wisemeals” make sure you make use of everything you buy. So, no more rotten wasted food in the fridge. And let's face it, how often do you eat out because you don't know what to cook? That burns a hole in your wallet pretty fast. Save some of that hard-earned cash!

Serving of Extras

No matter your skill level, Wisejack makes amazing recipes accessible to you! And for those who love even more value, you’ll also get access to tutorials, helpful hints, access to expert assistance.

Plus--- a whole boatload of extras catering to stuff men like, including  articles, videos, blogs, wine-pairings, craft-beer experts, bacon insiders, must-watch movies, and more!